Regional Nature Park values

Our values are yours…

Our restaurant is located in the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park through which the Loire flows. It is punctuated by prestigious chateaux, picturesque villages in tufa stone, troglodytes... Here, amongst the rivers, vineyards and forests, nature and culture nourish themselves on harmony and even on gastronomy.

Proud of this heritage, we work hand in hand with the Park around shared values. Our commitment is accredited by the “Regional Nature Park values” label, a national brand delivered by the Ministry of the Environment.
We act on our level in terms of environmental protection, a stronger local solidarity economy and the well-being of women and men.

To come and eat at our restaurant means you will be sure to taste local seasonal produce made respectfully for man, the environment and our guests. Our goal is to welcome you as outstanding guests and have you share in our passion.